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Why an Inverter?

When talking about mobile power solutions, someone always tries to make the correlation between an inverter and a generator. An inverter can be explained as “a generator that uses the battery as its fuel tank”.

Inverters are also AC power supplies but they use stored DC electrical energy in a battery or battery bank. They use electronics and transformers to modify the DC to AC and then boost the voltage to create 220V. Inverters are extremely efficient, even when compared to generators, and only consume DC power in direct relation to the amount of AC power they put out.

Other major benefits of inverters are:

  • They are virtually silent compared to generators
  • The batteries are charged when connected to the main utility power source, alternatively solar Panels can be used to charge the batteries
  • They are comparatively light weight compared to generators
  • There is no need to store fuel (diesel or petrol)
  • The running costs are much lower
  • There is little or no maintenance involved.
  • An inverter system is easily able to replace any power supplier, with the use of sufficient solar panels.

Why Solar Panels?

Solar electric systems have no moving parts, and comes with a 25 years warranty (expected lifespan of 40-50 years), which means you can lock in your electricity rate for decades.Solar energy is a reliable, renewable resource.

Simply stated – anytime that the sun shines, you generate clean, renewable electricity. Solar is one of the few investments you can also make today that will not only pay for itself, but also result in a cleaner environment for all of us.

How Solar Electricity Works (It’s Easy!)
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