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Want to keep yourself, your colleagues, your customers or your family safe in your business or home?

Want to keep yourself, your colleagues, your customers or your family safe in your business or home? Do you want to know what goes on around your home or office from any remote location when you are not around? If the Answer is YES! Then You need a complete CCTV/ IP Camera installation System..

Big, small or anywhere in between, every business or residential is at risk of crime. Most people never think it will happen to them until it’s too late. Instead of waiting for the worst, security cameras are the simple methods to preventing crime and having the power to act when it strikes.

HRT NET SOLUTIONS has a team of Closed-circuit television (CCTV) specialist designed to bring to your doorsteps the ideal IT solution for your business to prevent crime and act in the event of crime. With a diverse spectrum of IT, Networking and Software Solutions available at our disposal, we are able to get you up and running with everything from purchasing the right CCTV camera kits to complex commercial systems which incorporate multiple cameras including setting up the latest CCTV systems which can be operated over wireless technologies including 3G, LTE and CDMA mobile phone technology as well as satellite, Wi-Fi and broadband networks. Live and recorded video images can be viewed from a dedicated monitoring station such as: Laptop, PDA, iPhone, iPad or Android and Window devices.


    • Cameras are ideal for facilities like Banks, kitchen facilities, public processing centers, restrooms, hospitals, and other facilities. Cameras can be used in Intrusion Detection, Access Control and Annunciation systems, and in Panic System applications.
    • Strategically, you can place cameras over the cash drawer, inside building entries, outside building exits, in elevator lobbies, on loading docks, or any location where traffic must pass.
    • You can also place cameras in the work place to verify daily activity, or in parking lots to verify vehicle entry, exit, or for lot surveillance purposes.
    • In access control applications, you can use cameras to keep a video log of those who enter or attempt to enter, or pass through doors.
    • For Intrusion Detection applications, you can use cameras for triggering, in the event, of an alarm on a particular zone.
    • In Panic System applications, you can use cameras to view areas where alarms have been initiated, such as labs, shops, classrooms, or other public areas.
    • It can also be used to carry out traffic surveillance in town centers/ street and bridges. The list is almost endless, only limited by imagination.