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Tracker fitting is an important concern for various reasons when installing tracking device. For most people it is their last consideration but taking a few moments to work out where is vehicle tracker installation best implemented is highly advisable.

Things To Consider With Vehicle Tracking Device Installation.
Exactly where you should install GPS tracking devices depends on a few factors. Discretion is a factor for some users so the size or type of tracker might be something to deliberate on before purchase.

Interference from other equipment might also be an issue. Making sure the tracker is not in close proximity to these electronics or purchasing a tracker that will not be rendered useless might also be worth bearing in mind.

Where Is A GPS Tracking Device Installed On A Car?
The following are the most popular places to install GPS Tracking Devices

  •  Under A Car Seat
  • In The Boot
  • Behind The Radiator
  • Under The Car
  • In The Glove Compartment

Benefits Of Proper Vehicle Tracker Installation

When a company invests in a proper security system, the risks of impact from theft decreases significantly. Even if you are unlucky enough to become a victim of crime, the chances are your vehicle will be tracked and recovered in tact.

Another advantage is the reduction of insurance costs. For large fleets, this can be a huge cost over time and any small reduction in this area will save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Companies that cut corners in this area often pay the price further down the line, so implementing sound security measures, that include proper vehicle tracker installation, is highly recommended by both the industry and police.

How secured are your Vehicles? Do you know that the latest NCC’s Car Theft survey, states that an average of 10 cars get stolen everyday in Nigeria? And 91% of these vehicles are never recovered.

Let’s help in the complete installation of world class tracking devices to Track your cars from anywhere and any location, Listen to Conversation going in your vehicle, monitor your vehicles status anyime anyday…

  • Self Tracking
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Web/PC Tracking
  • Location with Map
  • Voice Monitoring
  • SMS Engine Control
  • Geo Fencing
  • Over-Speed Alert
  • Accident Alert
  • 7-days Back-Up Battery
  • Premium Tracking
  • Real time tracking
  • Fleet Management Option
  • A Year History Record
  • Free Update/Upgrade
  • 24/7 Support
  • 12 Months Warranty